So you want to take your baby places and you want you and your baby to have a great time. So let’s face it, it can get tired carrying your baby around, especially if you are visiting different places.

Therefore, a stroller is one of the main baby essential items on an expectant mother’s list to purchase. Strollers are one of the most highly purchase baby products sold. It is estimated that more than four million strollers are sold annually.

That is so amazing!! Strollers range from the travel system strollers for traveling a long distance to lightweight for light walking. Strollers are one of the greatest inventions for moms and dads, as they take the pressure off parents from carrying their little bundle of joy around.

I this article, I am going to inform you of the different types of strollers available, tips on choosing the particular stroller that is right for you, and for any occasions.

Travel System Strollers

The all-in-one travel system stroller is a one in which you can take the baby’s car seat out of the car and attached it to the stroller. It consists of a car seat, a base, and a stroller.

Most of the travel system strollers are sold with a base to make it easier for you to maneuver. Most of the travel system strollers are manufactured with features for infants to toddlers so that they can grow in the stroller, and it is convenient to use. In this case, you will have the travel system strollers for quite a while.

The Benefits of this type of travel system stroller are:

1. Easily move your baby without he/her being disturbed from the car to the stroller.

2. Some stroller seats can decline to a flat position, which means it can carry a baby that is six months or younger without any problems.

3. The backrest of the stroller can be easily adjusted when your baby wishes to sit up, providing that your baby can sit up.

4. The travel system is versatile as you can still carry your baby in it after your baby has outgrown the baby carrier seat.

Jogging Strollers

This stroller is mainly used by parents who are joggers or those who are participating in some other sports. It is designed with three large bicycle-tire wheels and lightweight frames which is ideal for jogging or taking walks on rough roads.

Many of the jogging strollers are manufactured with padded seats for comfort and canopies that provide shade for your baby from the sun. The stroller can be easily folded and placed in your car with ease.

This type of stroller is not suited for babies younger than six months old, because it does not accommodate an infant car seat and the seat does not recline to a flat position as your baby is not able to sit up. Some jogging strollers don’t have suspension and they lack seat support, so the ride may sometimes not be comfortable.

Combination Strollers

The combination strollers also are known as the modular stroller can adapt to the changing needs of your growing child. This type of stroller can be used by newborns to toddlers as you can choose one that comes with a bassinet, a car seat, or one that has a full seat recline.

Some combination strollers come with everything; the choice is yours as there are various options to choose from. This type of stroller can be a little costly and some may have a maximum weight of 40 pounds. Some accessories such as rain covers are optional.

Car Seat/Stroller

This is a fully integrated car seat with a stroller in which the seat can be folded and placed in a car seat base for car trips. The advantage of this stroller is that it is all in one, however, it may be a little heavy to carry even without your baby in it.

Car Seat Carrier Stroller

This type of stroller is a lightweight frame that is used to carry a baby’s car seat. It does not come with a seat and is also called a stroller frame. This type of stroller is lightweight and compact and easy to use. You can move your baby to the car seat in the stroller frame without waking your baby.

The stroller frames that allow the car seat to snap-in, is the easiest to use. The downside to this stroller is that when your child outgrows the car seat the stroller frame is no longer useful.

Convertible Stroller

The convertible stroller can be converted to a travel system or a pram by adding a car seat or a bassinet. You’re able to switch it from a single to a double stroller and some strollers can accommodate a third older child with a removable seat.

The advantage to this stroller is that it is flexible and you may be able to position your baby face to face looking at you or your baby’s back turn towards you. Some models have two stroller seats either facing front or back or one car seat and one stroller seat or two car seats.

The convertible stroller is perfect for parents with twins in that the seats can face each other even when they grow up to be toddlers.

Double Side-by-Side Stroller

This stroller comprises of two seats are attached to a frame or where two strollers are bolted together. This is easy to maneuver when you have children who are of the same weight and height. The stroller seats almost recline flat and some models can accommodate two car seats.

The downside to this stroller is that if one child has more weight, it may be difficult to navigate especially when going around corners. Some strollers are unable to accommodate two car seats while some can only accommodate one. Some Double Side-by-Side Strollers might be challenging while going through narrow passages.

Double Tandem Stroller

This type of stroller can accommodate two children and it can be converted to both children facing each other, or one sitting behind the other. The double tandem stroller can fit through standard doorways and elevators doors more easily than the double side-by-side stroller.

Some models accommodate one or both car seats. The downside to this type of stroller is that it is a little heavier than the regular mid-size stroller and it can be difficult to navigate especially over curbs.

So many types of strollers to choose from?- Tips to Take into Consideration

The choice of a stroller depends on the needs of your baby, the cost, and the situation in which the type of stroller is most beneficial. However, safety should always be chosen over price.

When shopping for strollers, ensure that it is certified for use, for example, the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association(JPMA)  is the association that tests strollers and carriages to ensure they comply with manufactures standard, state and federal laws and retail requirements.

Also, when using your baby’s stroller, you should ensure the following:

  • Traps are fastened securely to your baby.
  • Ensure the stroller doesn’t fall backward when the seat is reclined and your baby is leaning backward.
  • Use the locking device to prevent accidental folding.
  • Choose a stroller with a base that is wide enough so that when your baby tips forward, it doesn’t fall over.
  • Pay keen attention to the weight limit that is placed on the stroller.

I hope you enjoy reading this post, which will help you to make meaningful decisions when making your purchase.

I hope you enjoy reading this. You comments are appreciated.


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