Taking your bundle of joy on an excursion can be quite an experience for any parent. There is the packing of the baby bags, your bags, getting ready, and you don’t want to be late. I know the feeling, especially if your little one kept you up for most of the night. However, the best thing to do is to prepare in advance, by packing the essential items, sometimes two days in advance. This is very important as it is less stressful. Therefore, being extra prepared is key.

Baby Essentials

Prior to your trip with your little one, I am going to show you the items needed. Whether it is traveling by plane, by car, or going to the mall, certain baby items are needed. Some of the main items on the checklist include:

  1. Diapers
  2. Baby wipes
  3. Diaper cream
  4. Clothes
  5. Shoes/socks
  6. Baby bibs
  7. Baby bag
  8. Plastic bags for soiled diapers and clothes
  9. Blankets
  10. Baby wash rags
  11. Formulas/Breast milk
  12. Bottles
  13. Bottled water/juice
  14. A small cooler containing ice
  15. Special toys(Age appropriate and non-hazardous)
  16. Books for you and your baby

Traveling by Plane-Before you Take-Off

Accommodation for your little one is critical while booking your ticket for your trip. The airline will make the necessary arrangements for you and your baby’s needs. You can bring your baby’s car seat so that you won’t have to keep your baby in your lap. You can place your baby in the car seat beside you so that you can give him/her your full attention.

Formulas/Breast Milk and Baby Diaper Bag Items

You can carry breast milk and formulas on the plane to feed your baby. Make sure you declared it before boarding the plane. The baby’s bag with the main essentials is needed when your baby needs to change or there is an incident.

The bag should have your baby’s special toy(s) for your baby to play with to keep him/her occupied. It is ideal to pack more than one pacifier if one falls to the floor.

If you can pick it, discard it and use another one. Babies’ immune system is delicate and not fully developed, so it is better to be safe than sorry. You should also consider reading to your baby to pass the time. When your baby is sleeping, you can have a nap or read your book

Ask for Assistance

Don’t be afraid to ask for assistance if you are not sure about something, or need clarity. You may assistance with warming your baby’s formula or breast milk if your baby likes it that way. Before feeding your baby make sure it not hot for your baby to drink.

Traveling by Car- Safety is Key

Safety precautions taken while traveling with your baby on a plane should be the same as traveling in a car.  When traveling with your baby, the car should be baby-proof. This means that the baby’s car seat must be able to fit properly in the car.

Your car must be ‘roadworthy’. This means you car must have good tires with required air pressure, breaks functioning properly, and have fuel.

The main items on the checklist must be included while traveling with your little ones by car. Some of the items include diaper, wipe, change of clothes, diaper cream, formulas/breast milk, pacifier, and a toy. Your baby, you should place your baby in the back seat where you can see your baby from the rear-view mirror. That will help ease any anxiety that you may have as you can see what is happening to your loved one.

Walking with Your Baby- All about Bonding

When walking with your baby to the park, shopping at the mall, an evening stroll with the family, or simply just hanging out with friends, you can carry your baby hand, using a baby carrier or a stroller( preferably one with a protective covering).

This will protect your cutie-pie from the sun or any sudden rainfall. The baby carrier should be firm and must be able to accommodate the baby’s weight and be comfortable for you to wear. You will also need to carry the baby’s bag with all the essential baby items for your baby.

If you are carrying you, baby, in a stroller, it is advisable to get one with a covering as well as one that can carry your baby essentials. An umbrella that is big enough that will be able to shelter you and your baby from the sun or rain.

Care must be taken as it relates to the type of clothes your baby I swearing when taking walks. Knowing the weather condition and temperature beforehand will help you in deciding how to dress your little cutie-pie. Weather patterns can change and so it is very important to be “over-prepared” when going for walk. That means, carrying a sweater or jacket for you and baby if that weather has changed., It is always better to be safe than sorry.

Traveling with Baby?- Be Prepared

Having a checklist for traveling with your baby, takes away frustrations and anxiety that parents face when they are traveling with their baby.

I am always a good choice to start preparing beforehand with the checklist so that in the event any eventualities should occur, you are well prepared to deal with them.  No parent wants to be in a situation where they are not able to address a situation concerning their little one because of unpreparedness. It’s just not a pleasant feeling and your baby will become very miserable and uncomfortable.

Happy Travel!! Share your experience


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