Hey Mamas, I hope you and your families are great and in the best of health. I want to talk about being productive and juggling your business and caring for your newborn as well as other members of your family. Most persons work from home for various reasons such as cutting back on business, ditching the nine to five, health issues, and many other reasons.

Whatever your reason is either it was voluntary or you probably lost your job and now you are working from home. Taking care of a newborn is a bit challenging as your baby is dependent upon you for everything. Your baby is not yet old enough (like a toddler) who can understand basic instruction. So working at home and taking care of a newborn can be more than a handful.

Even though, working from home and caring for a newborn and in some cases, taking care of other children and running a home is challenging, but not impossible. I am going to discuss eight efficient tips that will help you to be productive and successful in working at home and taking care of your newborn. So here we go, the eight efficient tips are as follows:

Positive Mindset- A positive mindset means that you have an optimistic view of life and any situation that you are facing. According to Positive Psychology https://positivepsychology.com/positive-mindset/ states that a positive mindset means “making positive thinking a habit, continually searching for the silver lining and making the best out of any situation you find yourself in”. Therefore, if working at home is new to you, then you should strive to have a positive mindset at all times because it can be a little overwhelming, especially with your new baby. A positive mindset of 80% means that you have accomplished the majority of the work; the remaining 20% is doing the work. I believe that a positive mindset sets the foundation for accomplishing one’s goals efficiently.

Self Care- Many times as moms we don’t spend quality time on ourselves and we ensure that everyone else is taken care of, and then ourselves. Sometimes we are so tired that we often fall asleep and the next day, the cycle starts all over. It is important that as moms we allocate time in our daily schedule for ourselves. This means eating a balanced diet, daily exercises, or evening strolls with your baby, a trip to the spa, and using skincare and hair care products that will help you feel great.

A Daily Planner/ Notebook/ Journal- To achieve your goals daily, you must have a daily journal/notebook or planner. There are many reasons why you need to have a daily planner so that you can be on top of your game. Some of the reasons for having a planner/ notebook/ journals are:

Writing down your to-do list- It is important to write down the things that you need to accomplish daily by recording them in your planner or notebook. You can easily go through the day without achieving some critical tasks especially when you get caught up with your newborn. There are deadlines to meet, clients to contact, emails to be sent and the list goes on. The daily planner/ notebook with recorded timelines and tasks is a great way to stay on track.

Increase Productivity- The measurement of your productivity is not only about your work but also to your home affairs. This means allocating time for your baby, for cooking, cleaning, and relaxation. You may sometimes feel unaccomplished at the end of the day when you have not achieved what you had planned to do for the day. So having a planner or notebook will help you achieve your goals and to keep you on track.

Reduces Stress- A daily planner./ a notebook helps you to reduce stress because working at home and taking care of your newborn can be a little challenging. Stress can lead to anxiety attacks and you will get flustered when you have not achieved what you set out to accomplish. Therefore, it is very important to have a daily planner/ notebook to reduce stress and to make provisions for unexpected situations.

Baby Care Daily Journal- A baby care journal is a record of your baby’s schedule and activities during the day. It includes nap time, feeding time, diaper changes, important milestones, and any other vital information that needs to be recorded. The baby care daily journal is perfect for busy moms working at home, those moms who are returning to work, and also for the caregiver. For moms who are working at home, it is crucial to have one as the record would establish a pattern that moms can work alongside their journal. It is also useful as an indicator to moms and caregivers to determine if something is wrong in newborns. So for example, if your baby has been fed/ does not want, diaper changed and your newborn keeps crying, then it could be an indication that something may be wrong with your baby and needs medical attention.

Requisite Tools to Work from Home- So to work at home successfully, you need the requisite tools to be able to execute your work efficiently and effectively at home. Working at home from the comfort of your sofa is not ideal and this can lead to posture problems and you tend to fall asleep easily because it is so soft. So the main tools that you need to work efficiently from home are a computer table, a laptop or desktop with a mouse, ergonomic adjustable chair, and printer. You will also need smaller items such as pens, pencils, highlighters, post-it staplers, staples, and paper clips. These are the main items needed to work at home successfully.

Ask for Help- Requesting assistance from your relatives such as your spouse, your mom, or sisters or your friends, can drastically help you to be more productive at home. The additional help will help you to focus on your work or business; while your family members or friends help with your baby, laundry, cooking, and general housekeeping. You will feel a sense of relief that even if you did not get a good night’s sleep, you can take a nap during the day.

Take a Break- Your daily journal should include evening strolls with your baby and other family members. This also allows you to keep bonding with your family, such as watching a movie together, having dinner together, and having a discussion with your family members about their day’s activities.

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