Your little one is tired from a hard day work (yeah right) and it is time to go to sleep. While your baby is sleeping it is a good time for you to get some well-needed rest. I longed for the times when my little ones are asleep so that I can get some well-needed rest after a long day.

It is important to ensure that we as parents provide a safe sleep environment for our little ones, to avoid the death of our little ones. It is reported that each year thousands of infants die from sudden death known as Sudden Infant Death Syndrome(SIDS). In these cases, there is no known cause of babies dying. This is mainly seen in babies between the ages of one-month-old to a year old. Your baby safe sleep environment is one where:

  • Your baby sleeps in his/her bassinet or crib on a flat firm surface such a mattress
  • The crib mattress should be covered with a fitted flat sheet.
  • No other items such as blankets, sheets, toys or teddy bears should be in the crib or bassinet as these can cause your baby to suffocate or strangle.

Babies Should Sleep on Their Backs

The best sleeping position for babies is for them to sleep on their backs. This will allow your little one to sleep well which is facilitated by easy breathing.

It is recommended that babies sleep on their backs until they are a year old, and it reduces the incidences of SIDS. When babies are awake, they should be placed on their tummies, as when they are placed on their tummies, it is playtime and it helps them to grow and develop normally.

No Smoking/Alcohol or Illicit Drugs Around Baby

Second-hand smoking is one of the leading causes of death worldwide. It is important to ensure that babies are sleeping in a smoke-free environment. Your baby’s lungs are very delicate, and extra precaution must be taken to ensure that it remains that way. There should be no drinking, smoking of the use of illicit drugs around your baby.

Your Baby Should Wear Comfortable Clothes

Your baby should be wearing comfortable clothes so as not to get hot during the nights. You should dress your baby in clothes that are conducive to the temperature and the weather. This will allow your baby to get a comfortable sleep and not to get miserable and uncomfortable during the nights. I know you don’t want your little one to keep you up all night. You should not cover your baby’s head during the night, as your baby can pull the cap over his/her face and this can cause suffocation.

Avoid Lying Down with Baby

It is not a good idea for moms and dads to lay on the sofa, adult beds, waterbeds, cushion, or recliners with their babies. This can easily cause suffocation and entrapment, especially when you fall asleep. Your baby can also roll out of these sleeping /resting items and fall to the floor. So, it is very important that whenever your baby is asleep, you should put him/her in the crib or bassinet.

Safe Sleeping Tips for Your Baby is Everybody’s Business

Everyone who is helping to take care of your baby including other members of the household or other caregivers must be aware of the safe sleeping tips for baby. This is to ensure that everyone is on the same page, and if mom and dad have to leave the house, the responsible caregiver must know these safety tips.

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